How to Perform at Tamarack

Tamarack is constantly seeking entertainment that is pursuant to its mission of providing opportunities for West Virginia performers and musicians.

All performers must meet the following criteria:

  • Single Artist - Current West Virginia resident and juried into the Tamarack System.
  • Groups - 50% of members must be current West Virginia residents and juried into the Tamarack System.
  • We prefer to provide opportunities to performing artists and musicians who create and perform original material.
  • Tamarack reserves the right to choose performers and music that is appropriate and marketable.
  • It is required that all performers and musicians jury into the Tamarack System in order to perform in the Governor Hulett C. Smith Theater.

The Events Director may book special performances such as West Virginia school system or community groups where the material is deemed suitable and royalty rights have been paid for by the performer(s).

Click here to complete a Jury Application. Please fill out the application, remit the proper jury fee and forward a CD to the Artisan Services Coordinator. Thank you and good luck!