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How to Shop TAMARACK from Home

When you’re not on site at Tamarack, we accept phone calls, emails at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and Facebook message inquiries about products you might like to purchase.

Because we find the person-to-person approach more effective for selling one-of-a-kind products, we chose personal shoppers from among our most experienced retail managers to assist customers with shopping.

If you see a product on our website or social media sites which piques your interest, contact us. We will answer price, weight, size, artist name, media and other questions for you.

If you think of a product you’d like from Tamarack, but haven’t seen it in person or online, you may describe it via email or phone call, and we will send photos of choices to you.

Either way, the sale may be transacted quickly and efficiently with your product choices shipped within 24 hours.

Customer Service

Need to return an item? An item arrived broken or not as pictured or described? Reverse the buying process. Call, email, or message us, and we will get back to you with instructions.

An item didn’t arrive/ took longer than expected?

Again, call or email with a cancellation message. A personal shopper working in Retail Management will assist you.


Credit card and check refunds are transacted when the returned product arrives or as soon as we receive a cancellation request from you. Credit card refunds are automatic within 24-72 hours. Refunds for checks may take ten business days.

Looking for a special gift or product? Call or email us.


Our personal shoppers will search our expansive retail selection to find the item you're looking for.


Pay by phone. Product is shipped to your door!