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Gallery Guidelines
David L. Dickirson Fine Arts Gallery
We have created these guidelines to serve as a reference for artists and artisans who have juried into the David L. Dickirson Fine Arts Gallery. Below you will find the procedure for entering exhibitions, presentation requirements, and other useful information that will help us ensure we all continue to be The Best of West Virginia.

Exhibit Entry

The David L. Dickirson Fine Arts Gallery holds a combination of about six (6) solo, invitational, juried, and thematic exhibitions each year. The thematic shows are formed on a call-for-entry basis and any artist that has juried into the Gallery is eligible to enter their work for a thematic call-for-entry exhibit.  The entire 2017 exhibition calendar, complete with themes, dates, and deadlines for these exhibits will be available on Tamarack’s website Winter 2016/17 to allow time for planning ahead. We will also distribute calls-for-entry for each thematic exhibit via e-mail as they approach. 
Artists are allowed to enter up to six (6) pieces into any given thematic exhibition. To submit, digital images of each entry should be uploaded using our Submittable service (a link to which will be provided for each exhibition), or e-mailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. on or before the submission deadline. We prefer to receive image submissions in .JPEG format in at least 72 dpi. Images should be titled Lastname_Title and the dimensions of the piece should be included for each piece. If e-mailing images is not possible, artists may also send a CD of their entries to OneTamarack Park – Beckley, WV 25801. Images used for exhibit entries will also be kept on file as a photo reference for your work. *
If an artist’s work(s) is to be selected for an exhibition, they must complete and submit a consignment form to the Gallery as soon as possible. Blank consignment forms will be distributed upon notification of acceptance into a gallery show and are also available on the Tamarack website. **
* This exhibit entry procedure does not apply to Tamarack’s annual The Best of West Virginia Open Juried Exhibition, which has a separate set of rules and regulations for entry. The prospectus for the Open Juried Exhibition is available in February of each year and is accessible on Tamarack’s website. 
** The final decision on whether or not your work will be exhibited is at the sole discretion of Tamarack.
Eligibility for Submissions
  • All artwork displayed in Gallery exhibits must be original (no reproductions)
  • Ideally, entries should be completed within two years of the submission date
  • No work previously displayed in a Tamarack exhibition will be accepted
  • All works must be for sale

Eligibility Guidelines

  • All artwork displayed in Gallery exhibits must be original (no reproductions) 
  • Ideally, entries should have been completed within two years of the submission date
  • No work previously displayed in a Tamarack exhibition will be accepted
  • All works must be labeled for sale

Presentation Guidelines

  • In order to ensure we remain The Best of West Virginia, we must request that all artists put forth their best effort to present their work in a professional manner.
    The back* of every piece of artwork MUST include:
    • Artist name
    • Title of the work
    • Retail price
    * exceptions can be made with three-dimensional works

Presentation Standards for Two-Dimensional Work

  • All two-dimensional work must be delivered ready to hang (please refrain from using sawtooth hangers). If Gallery Staff has concerns regarding the structural integrity of hanging hardware, they reserve the right to remove the piece from the exhibition floor.
  • Make certain mats are clean and free of debris or pencil marks.
  • Avoid using unacceptable materials such as duct tape, corrugated cardboard backing, string or cord.
  • Think carefully about frame selections, as buyers are often dissuaded from purchasing artwork displayed in low quality frames or frames that do not enhance the work. When choosing a frame, make sure they are of a quality that is proportional to the price you are charging for your work.
  • Ensure frames meet properly in the corners and that no scratches, chips, or improperly attached wires are present. Also verify that framing glass is clean and free of fingerprints or dust.

Presentation Standards for Three-Dimensional Work

  • All three-dimensional work must be ready to display. If the Gallery Staff has doubts regarding the structural integrity of a piece, they reserve the right to remove it from the exhibition floor.
  • All three-dimensional work must be free of chips, scratches, cracks, or other quality issues that are not integral to the formulation or interpretation of the piece.
  • If a piece requires any particular care or treatment, please inform the Gallery Staff so they might pass this information along to prospective buyers.


The value of an artist’s work is determined by the artist. All work sold by the David L. Dickirson Fine Arts Gallery is on a consignment basis with a commission standard of 40% to Tamarack and 60% to the artist. All work must be labled for sale. Exceedingly high pricing to discourage sales is unacceptable.


The David L. Dickirson Fine Arts Gallery uses images of featured works and/or biographical materials from participants to promote the exhibition. You will be provided with a separate “talent release” form requesting your permission to use these materials for promotional purposes.


The David L. Dickirson Fine Arts Gallery reserves the right to reject the work of any artist who has intentionally misrepresented themselves or their submissions on their entry application.

Delivery and Pick up

It is the responsibility of the artist to ensure their work is delivered to and retrieved from Tamarack by the assigned deadlines. If an artist is unable to set up a time to drop off or retrieve artwork during regular Gallery Office Hours, other arrangements can be made. For information about shipping artwork, please contact the Gallery Manager. Please Note: Due to limited storage space, the Gallery is unable to save packing materials.

Opening Reception

The opening reception is not only an opportunity to show support for gallery and other artists, it is also a chance for those exhibiting to market their work. We strongly encourage all participating artists to attend exhibit openings and to help us spread the word by inviting friends, family, and clients to the reception.

Guidelines for Selling Original & Reproductions for Bins

You must be juried with original work, as well as samples of your reproductions, before you qualify to sell in the bins.
Presentation Guidelines
  • Work must be presented professionally with quality packaging and marketing materials.
  • Work must have a firm backing preferably of foam core or quality mounting board. No cardboard.
  • Work should be either matted or mounted with corners. White or off white matting is suggested but not mandatory.
  • Work must be packaged with the proper size products such as shrink wrap or self-sealing plastic sleeves. Taping oversized plastic sleeves to fit prints is not acceptable.
  • Stickers or labels attached to the front of print sleeves are distractive and strongly discouraged. If necessary, they must be of high quality and placed appropriately on the back of foam core or mounting board. Hand-written descriptions or titles may disqualify your work from being accepted.
Necessary Identification
  • You must have a short biographical sketch and/or artisan statement on the back of your work. The more a prospective customer can identify with you, the more likely your work will sell.
  • Originals must include information about the creation of the work; an example might be “Original Watercolor on Waterford 140lb.”
  • Reproduction pieces must describe the process to reproduce from the original; an example would be, “Digital Image of an Original Oil Painting.”
  • Reproduction pieces must also describe the materials and process used to render the image; an example would be “Image Printed with Archival Inks on Archival Presentation Paper.”
  • You may include any or all of the following: Studio name, phone number, address, email address, website address.
  • Artisan biographies and related marketing materials must be presented professionally with good design. When using graphics or images they must be clear in high resolution.
  • Marketing materials must be printed on quality paper or card stock.
General Rules
  • You may not deliver new work for the bins unless you have contacted Gallery Staff in advance to make an appointment. Gallery staff will review inventory to verify the need for replacements or new orders.
  • All work will be reviewed to ensure that it meets gallery guidelines before being accepted and placed in the bins. Gallery staff and the Product Development Specialist will work with you in making corrections.
  • You must submit a completed gallery invoice upon delivery. If you need copies of our invoice we will e-mail or mail them to you. Without the proper paperwork, we cannot guarantee your work will be processed to get in the bin.
  • Due to limited bin space we will initially accept eight works per size per order, until otherwise requested.
  • If you have work that has been in the bins for more than a year and has not sold, you will be asked to replace it with other work or remove it.
  • Rotation of bin work is essential for sales performance for each juried artist.
We take pride in representing many talented West Virginia artists and want to present your work in the best possible light. Please contact us with your concerns and we will work with you to ensure a mutually beneficial business relationship.
Consignment Form

Upcoming Exhibit Information

Then & Now: Journeys in Artistic Development 

March 3 - April 2, 2017 

Invitational exhibition


Full Spectrum

April 8 – June 11, 2017 

  • Image Submission Deadline: March 6, 2017
  • Decision Notifications (sent via e-mail) March 9-10, 2017  
  • Drop Off Deadline for Accepted Work: April 2, 2017 
  • Exhibition Run: April 8 – June 11, 2017 
  • Work Pick Up Deadline: June 13, 2017

Open call to all juried Tamarack artists

Color is the word for our Full Spectrum exhibition. For this exhibition, we are seeking submissions from all media categories that celebrate beautiful, vibrant, and exciting applications of color.


The Best of West Virginia Open Juried Exhibition

June 17 – August 6, 2017 

  • Image Submission Deadline: April 24, 2017
  • Decision Notifications (sent via mail) May 12, 2017  
  • Drop Off Deadline for Accepted Work: June 3 - 10, 2017 
  • Exhibition Run:  June 17 – August 6, 2017 
  • Work Pick Up Deadline: August 9, 2017

Open call to all WV residents

Every year, TAMARACK: The Best of West Virginia and the Tamarack Foundation for the Arts celebrate West Virginia artists by showcasing their creativity and talent in this special juried competition. This show is the only exhibition hosted by Tamarack’s Fine Arts Gallery that can be entered by any artist who is a West Virginia resident. Participants compete for five monetary awards, all of which are made possible through the generosity of the Tamarack Foundation for the Arts and their donors. 


Viewfinders: Landscapes Captured by West Virginia Artists

August 12 – September 24, 2017 

  • Image Submission Deadline: July 3, 2017
  • Decision Notifications (sent via e-mail) July 6-7, 2017  
  • Drop Off Deadline for Accepted Work: August 6, 2017 
  • Exhibition Run: August 12 – September 24, 2017 
  • Work Pick Up Deadline: September 26, 2017

Open call to all juried Tamarack artists

This exhibition celebrates diverse interpretations of the landscape genre. Regardless of media, works that celebrate landscapes invite artists and viewers alike to endlessly experience a place as it existed in one special moment; a simultaneous expression of both nature’s beauty and the creative human spirit. 


Lore and Legend: Enduring Tales Told through Art

November 11 – January 7, 2018

  •   Image Submission Deadline: October 2, 2017
  •   Decision Notifications (sent via e-mail) October 5-6, 2017  
  •   Drop Off Deadline for Accepted Work: November 5, 2017 
  •    Exhibition Run: November 11 – January 7, 2018
  •   Work Pick Up Deadline: January 9, 2018

Open call to all juried Tamarack artists

Lore and Legend is an exhibition that means to honor the expression and perpetuity of folktales, legends, myths, and fairy stories by capturing them in visual art. Submissions must be accompanied by a write-up explaining the corresponding tale that inspired its creation. 


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We appreciate the time and effort each artist puts into meeting the aforementioned guidelines, all of which help ensure we are consistently representing The Best of West Virginia. Thank you for entrusting your art work to us.

David L. Dickirson Fine Arts Gallery
One Tamarack Park - Beckley, WV 25801
304-256-6843, Ext. 157 - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.