Dan Cook

New Tamarack artist uses metal, light to make eye-catching pieces


It started with an assignment in high school, but once Dan Cook began making jewelry, he was hooked. Now he is one of the newest artists to jury into TAMARACK: The Best of West Virginia.

Dan makes cast glass and silver jewelry. His jewelry is constantly evolving with his newest technique involving carving designs into the glass and then using a florescent material to fill in the etchings. This method gives his pieces eye-catching color variations.

Originally from Ohio, Dan comes from a long line of academics. All the members of his family hold a master’s degree or higher. Dan, himself, earned a master’s degree from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. It was there that he met Miyuki, a fellow artist who became his wife. When Miyuki was offered a job as a weaving instructor at Marshall University, the couple moved to Huntington, W.Va.

Dan has a full-time job beyond the art world, but he gets great satisfaction from making jewelry.

“Right now, I’m getting away from traditional jewelry. I’m trying to make pieces out of simple materials. I want to make things that are precious and important and unique without making them out of ‘important’ materials,” Dan said.

His current pieces are all about incorporating his interpretation of light and an understanding of the natural world. He finds working with something as old as metal to be fascinating.

Dan is pleased to be included as a Tamarack artist. He had heard about Tamarack in graduate school, but didn’t realize the magnitude or significance of it until moving to West Virginia.
“I feel like what I’ve been working on is good, but I don’t have the opportunity to show it to a large number of people. Tamarack will give me that visual traffic,” Dan said.

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